Soccer World Cup 1.0
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Soccer World Cup 1.0

Free Score as many goals to Spain as you can with Soccer World Cup
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Soccer is one of the most popular team sports in the world. Almost every country has a national soccer team, and matches are played practically anywhere, from fancy courts to huge stadiums to the streets of low-income neighborhoods. In fact, the only event that can compete with the Olympic Games regarding the number of viewers worldwide is the World Cup, from where this reviewed video game has taken its name. But be aware: this is not a FIFA- or Pro Evolution Soccer-style game. It is simply a kind of tribute to a legendary match between Spain's and Ireland's national teams. The game ends with a tie, and the round of penalties will begin. You control the Irish players who try to score a goal against the Spanish goalkeeper. The round consist of five penalty shots for each team. The team that can score more goals will be the winner. In the game you can control the direction of your shoot, as well as its force. It may seem very easy at first, but it is not. Aiming the shoot is very tricky, as it is to adjust the strength of the shoot. Once you have finished each shoot, the game lets you know, if Spain has scored or failed its turn.
The game is fun at first, but gets boring very quickly. Also, it is played in a Web browser window as if it were an online game, which is not. The game window is surrounded by advertisements, which can be distracting. Nevertheless, it is worth a look.

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  • Entertaining
  • It has a certain degree of difficulty


  • Too simple
  • The installation attempts to change the main page of your browser


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